2018 Region 1 NYSHS-BSC @ Saratoga Springs

The NYSHS is pleased to announce that the 2018 Region 1 Symposium will be jointly sponsored by the New York State Histotechnological Society and the Biological Stain Commission

2018 R1 NYSHS BSC Program

2018 R1 NYSHS BSC Registration Form


2018 Region 1 Faculty

Brendan Boyce MD; University of Rochester Medical Center

Whole slide imaging: what the future holds now that the FDA has approved a system for routine diagnostic pathology case reporting

BoyceB NYSHS-BSC R1 2018

Richard Cartun MD, PhD; Hartford Hospital

Morphological Proteomics: a new frontier or an old friend?

CartunR NYSHS-BSC R1 2018

Damien Laudier – Laudier Histology

Insect Histology: Historical Overview and Current Perspectives
LaudierD NYSHS-BSC R1 2018

Joseph McInnis—Greenport Union Free High School

Infection of the honeybee hive with Iridovirus Six (IIV-6) as a possible explanation of Colony Collapse Disorder

Richard Dapson PhD; Dapson & Dapson LLC

Amyloid from a histochemical perspective: new insights on its structure and mechanism of staining with Congo red

DapsonD NYSHS-BSC R1 2018

William Grizzle MD, PhD; University of Alabama at Birmingham

The importance of fatty acids in prostate cancer: a challenge in immunohistochemical analysis and future therapy

GrizzleW NYSHS-BSC R1 2018

Magad Henary PhD; Georgia State University

Cyanine fluorophores for trafficking scaffold degradation

Richard Horobin PhD; University of Glasgow

In Situ imaging of tumors: could fluorescent “smart-probes” do the job

HorobinR NYSHS-BSC R1 2018

Lacey McNally PhD; Wake Forest University

Imaging of tumors using Near Infrared Fluorescence

Dusan Stefanovic PhD; BioGnost Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics

Eriochrome cyannine R: a substitute for hematoxylin

StefanovicD NYSHS-BSC R1 2018


The Meeting will be held at the Saratoga Springs New York Holiday Inn and Convention center on Saturday March 17th, 2018


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Last Updated: 1/25/18