Nominations & Elections


Nominations may be submitted to the nominations chair upon announcement of the positions open for election and the call for nominations. Nominations may be made by written form or from the floor of the annual society meeting. A Nominee must accept the nomination before they can be balloted. To be nominated, an individual must be a member of NYSHS for a minimum of one year, and currently in good standing. They should have expressed a willingness to serve the society.

Nomination forms are distributed in the spring issue of the newsletter “On Stage” and in your registration packet at NYSHS annual meeting. The 2013 nominations form will be available soon


Upon the close annual meeting and the termination of the call for nominations, the Nominations Committee will create a ballot that contains a brief bio of each candidate. The ballots will be sent by regular mail to each member on record of the society.  Return ballots will be tallied and the new Officers and Board Members notified by mail prior to June 30th

If you have any questions, Please contact Kate Caleri, the nominations chair at: