NSH Mentoring

About the Program

The mission of the NSH Mentor Program is so to seek and identify specific member needs and expectations.  Great work experience, a good education, and strong references are key to building a successful career.  Mentors promote goodwill and impart knowledge and skills unique to histology as well as share knowledge of NSH’s services and benefits.  The program cultivates relationships through developed networks, the transfer of experiences and information sharing outside of the traditional face to face meeting as well as increased member participation.


Models Success – will be your model to success.

Expands Vision – Will try and expand your vision in all possible areas.

Navigates – Help you navigate through your career path.

Trainer – Will train and advise you to the best of their knowledge

Optimizes – Optimizing is about taking something that is already effective and improving it.

Relationship Building – Is the key to having real impact and success in a mentor relationship.

Mentorship is highly regarded among our long time members as one of the greatest member benefits.  Through conversations about your Society and the many aspects this organization has to offer, opportunities to learn and acquire knowledge are born. Reverse mentoring has been of immense benefit through the years with the onset of technological changes and social interaction online.  The perspective of young professionals has proven to be invaluable.

Serving as Mentor

Any NSH member who is willing to volunteer their time to coach new members through the available programs/benefits of the Society is qualified to serve.  The time commitment would be 5-10 minutes a month and the benefit is 2.0 contact hours for the year as well as an opportunity to gain additional knowledge in the more intimate environment that volunteer roles provide.  This opportunity to interact with a small group of peers gives opportunities to both mentor and mentee outside of a formal meeting atmosphere.  Responsibilities will include a phone call once a month to check in with new member as well as a follow up email.

To serve as a mentor or request you be contacted by a mentor, please visit the NSH mentoring page.