The New York State Histotechnological Society supports continuing education for our members and academic programs for students and those considering entering the field.  The society is a proponent of licensing and certification and has lobbied on behalf of histologist in Albany to make changes to the existing law. Many of our Board Members as well as members at large, volunteer their time as well as laboratories in support of the educational training internships required of students to meet license eligibility in New York State. Please follow the links for more information on degree granting and certificate programs as well as licensing requirements in NYS.

Licensing vs Certification

Please note, there is a difference between a “license” and “certification”.

1. Licensingmandatory in New York State.  All laboratory personnel in all medical laboratory disciplines, including histologist must be licensed in order to practice in a New York State Department of Health licensed laboratory.

2. Certification:  optional in New York State.  Many laboratories across the country require that an individual be certified or “eligible” for certification from the American Society for Clinical Pathology,  Board of Certification.

Currently in New York State, the ASCP BOC administers the exam required for individuals to obtain a New York State License. Therefore, individuals are both certified and licensed upon completion of the NYS licensing process.

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