NYSHS Application

Membership runs annually from July 30 – June 1. Membership renewal forms are mailed out to active members in the beginning of June and are due by June 30th.  Please be sure to enter a valid email address in your application in order to ensure you receive a digital copy of the NYSHS biannual newsletter “On Stage”.

Refer a new member to the NYSHS and  you will receive one year free membership for every referral submitted. The credit will be applied to the following membership year (July to June). There is no limit to the number of referrals in a membership year however, the applicant must not be a previous member with a lapsed membership. The new applicant must list your name on their application under “referred by” to receive the referral credit.

  • Full member $25.00
  • Student member $7.00
Membership dues are tax deductible!

NYSHS Application

Please send your completed application to:

Christine Miller

PO box 16812

Rochester, NY 14616

If you have any questions, please contact the NYSHS President at: